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About Intrastat - What is Intrastat?
  Intrastat is the system for collecting statistical data on the trade with goods between Member States of European Union (EU). When a country becomes a Member State of EU and part of the Single Market, the customs control over the goods movement between this country and other Member States disappears, so that the traders will no longer be obliged to fill in customs declaration for these goods.

   To replace this data source, it was created and developed the Intrastat system for collecting statistical data directly from trade operators from EU Member States which undertake activities of exchange of goods with other EU Member States. The Intrastat statistical system is operational at EU level since the 1st of January 1993 and it is based on Regulations applicable in all EU Member States. Regulations in force are: Council Regulation no. 638/2004, regarding statistics on the trade between EU Member States amended by Council Regulation 222/2009 Commission Regulation no. 1982/2004 for implementing Council Regulation no. 638/2004 with subsequent modifications.

These community regulations:
  • allow the knowledge of the international trade volume of each Member State;
  • constitute the base for computing macroeconomic indicators which highlight the economical and social evolution of a country;
  • are used as support of European Community Politics in different areas (trading, monetary and customs politics) and for the determination of the share of Community corresponding to each EU Member State.
  Intrastat statistical system is operational in Romania from the 1st of January 2007, when Romania became an EU Member State. The Intrastat statistical declaration must be filled in by all the companies whose arrivals and/or dispatches from/to another EU Member States are greater than the statistical threshold set up yearly by NIS.
Implemented through Phare Program sustained by European Union
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